Senior Data Scientists - Helsinki at Combient


Senior Data Scientists - Helsinki

Full-Time in Helsinki, FI

Combient is looking for Senior Data Scientist to join our team and help build a data-driven ecosystem in the Combient sphere. Our mission is to be the number one enabler of Machine Learning and AI for over 28 companies in our family.

We work with some of the largest companies in Finland and Sweden that span a wide range of industries, you will be able to apply your experience, skills, and creativity on a broad scale. You will have the opportunity to study and analyse a wide range of problems from the Internet of Things (IoT). You will be able to use your skills to build predictive models to take our group further. You will also have a chance to help the companies in our group to foster a data-driven culture and organisation.

What you will do:

  • ● Build machine learning to statistical models to enable better prediction or advance efficiency.
  • ● Help realise new business model through Data and Analytics.
  • ● Research, implement and build solutions for some the most complex problems out there.
  • ● Work with a set of problems in areas such as Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Cyber Security and Predictive Maintenance.
  • ● Help our companies realise and scale your solutions to become data-driven at scale.

Who you are:

  • ● You have an advanced degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • ● You have a great business understanding and the drivers of it that can be used in doing the analysis.
  • ● You have the technical competence to perform more advanced analytics
  • ● You some coding skills (such as Python, Java, or Scala)
  • ● Analytics tools experience (such as Pandas, R, SPSS, SQL, or Hadoop)
  • ● Experience performing analysis with large datasets
  • ● You are a self-driven person who’s capable of tackling very loosely defined problems
  • ● You are a communicative person that values building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders and have the ability to explain complex topics
  • ● You are a highly motivated person with strong enthusiasm and ability to create long lasting relationships
  • ● You are fluent in written and spoken English.
  • ● Spark/Hadoop clusters, and the tools in the Hadoop ecosystem
  • ● Consultancy or similar customer-interfacing roles
  • ● Industrial systems and predictive maintenance (PdM)
  • ● Deep learning and application of it
  • ● Image processing and pattern recognition

All applications should be in english.